I watch, I listen, I learn: I look for the story.


 Why am I a writer? Because when I discover new information, experience different worlds and see connections between disparate ideas, my instinct is to tell other people about it.

And I want them to pay attention.

So I've done writing courses with the Gotham Writers Workshop, I've sharpened my craft in the commercial world and I've flipped the process on its head and worked as an editor.

And now I'm not just a writer. I'm a good writer.

But I want more.

I'm a muso in training, writing live reviews and slowly building my vinyl collection. And I'm looking for writing opportunities that will quench my thirst for music, culture and feminism.

Inspiration and motivation comes from greats like Patti Smith, The New Yorker, Leonard Cohen, Tina Turner (yes, Tina Turner), E.B. White, Nora Ephron and Prince.

And beyond that? I'm a human like any other. Good days, bad days and interests including cooking, craft ale, coffee, an exercise class called Fight Klub (which I can talk about) and enjoying being a Tate member (which you obviously got from the picture).

Want to know more about me? Then please:


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