An absorber and disseminator of information. A wordsmith. An interdisciplinary thinker.

Here you'll find a small selection of my work, done both in-house at a marketing agency and under my own steam. Please get in touch if you'd like to see more examples or want to talk about an interesting writing opportunity that you think this human could help with.

'Every time I read your reviews I want to see the band for myself.' - Editor at Daily Info


I've been writing live music and theatre reviews for three years and I've blogged extensively for clients for the last five years on everything from website security to negotiation techniques and small business growth.



'Mods are 'Notts' for faint hearted' - Live review of Sleaford Mods, Oxford Times

'Waxing lyrical about a one-of-kind lyricist' - Live review of Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts, Daily Info

'Excellent job on the text. There's really been very little editing for me to do here.' - Editor of 'Website Security for Dummies' at Wiley 


Over the last five years I've written long-form pieces that range from thought leadership and op-ed content through to comprehensive e-books and industry-leading reports.



I can't recommend her highly enough.’ - CEO, Articulate Marketing


I've managed and executed a range of marketing activities for clients  including social media campaigns, inbound content marketing strategies, persona creation, email workflows,  case studies and web copy.



I developed and executed Templar's Conduct Risk campaign, including white paper, blog posts, social promotion and email nurturing.


As editor-in-chief for Articulate Marketing's Bad Language blog I helped monthly site traffic grow from 12,000 to 40,000.

I am Inbound, HubSpot and Email Marketing certified with the marketing automation software provider HubSpot.