Ready, fire, aim

Having recently read Getting Real by 37Signals, I realised there's no point worrying about writing the perfect first blog post because all that will happen is that there will never be one.  So, following my own principal that you should never keep your mouth shut about things that make you feel excited and loud, I am finally typing in my notebook. I did something very exciting this week.  I acted on impulse.  For the past few months I have been finding my entire music collection has become utterly boring to me. I use music to get excited, stop myself dwelling too long and of course to dance around to. Everyone does, don't pretend otherwise. But despite trawling through my iTunes library and even combing my real, hard copy CD collection, I could find only one or two songs that did anything for me.

Then - I had a bad morning. Tuesday morning came with a value-added headache and a serious case of inanimate objects conspiring to hit me. I was not in the mood to work. Anything I wrote would have sounded exactly like I felt, so I had a little YouTube wonder and I came across Fun. . (How on earth do you punctuate the end of that sentence?)

[youtube=] I absolutely fell in love. Nate Reuss has the most phenomenally crisp and uplifting voice and the mixture of indie, somehow hip hop and irish folk is just brilliant.

I have downloaded their album, and that same morning I bought two tickets for their gig in London next April. I am still reeling from the buzz and it is a fantastic catalyst to make sure I have an absolute deadline for living in London.