Interesting things

It says, at the top of my page, that I like to absorb and disseminate interesting things. Sometimes, however, my mind does not want to give me wonderful words and sentence structures to write about them with. So on such occasions as these, I shall leave these interesting things to speak for themselves. Enjoy. This post is hilarious, terrifying and you know it is utterly correct. Cats are like the man in the Milk Tray ads - creepy assassins who sometimes leave gifts.

40 Things to say before you die is not the cheesy life-affirming, hippy list you might imagine. Instead it is subtle and thought provoking - the diagrams make you think a little bit harder than you otherwise might.

I may have indicated my love of coffee shops already. Let me say now for the record that my favourite house of caffeine is Starbucks. Even so, this article made me laugh. Out loud.

Yes and Yes is a blog I came across a few months ago and is part of the reason I finally decided to start a site of my own. I like people who get excited about things. This lady does just that.

Finally I leave you with what was voted, yes there was a vote - see the article - the best cat video on the internet. I realise that I both start and finish with cats, not the most intellectual of topics I'll grant you, but funny nonetheless.