What am I to think?

Diet Coke has launched its new television advert in preparation for those hot summer days that we all imagine will happen. I saw it at the weekend, and I could not help but grin. But then I thought, "Should I be grinning?" Oh dear, should I? [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuHV4gwSXn4]

You see, technically it's a form of objectification where if the gender roles were reversed a lot of people might be very unhappy. But would they? Both genders have agency in this little tableau. Both are beautified, control and action switches between them, the only difference is only one reveals their naked chest.

To me this is playful (and yes utterly beautiful to watch) and a lot of fun. I could be wrong. It could be massively hypocritical and I would hate that. So you see, that is why I ask, what am I to think?