Not enough charge

It's all well and good having a sunny weekend, but a grey Monday morning somewhat dampens the spirit. Sunshine daffodils

A short post, a day late. Why? Because winter has dragged on, the sun shone for two, beautiful days, but then went away again behind a Monday morning gloom and quite frankly my solar-powered batteries are far from recharged.

Yes, flowers have begun to bloom and there is finally some colour emerging outside, but it's not much. And it all looks pretty monochrome when it's overcast anyway. It feels like the whole country is suffering from collective seasonal affective disorder and we've all just had enough.

Spring cherry blossom

Time marches on however, well it Aprils on be precise, so what to do? Well, my words may say "ugh" but my photos say "oh?" So, I shall make some nice food, have a long bath, get an early night and launch into Tuesday with refreshed and renewed intentions to restart the week with more sprightly resolve.