Interesting things

It's one of those weeks. Even my beautiful cup of Aeropressed coffee could not help me get beyond my most basic of chores. Although thank goodness I had it, otherwise I might not even have had the strength to wash up. And no one wants to be that guy. So, whilst I have not created interesting things of my own today, here are a few things that others have that are worthy of dissemination:

  • Greg Proops has a weekly Podcast! Maybe some of you knew this already, but I only found out this week, and am extremely happy and excited about it. Not only that but he is coming to London this month. Check out The Smartest Man in the World.
  • On the subject of Podcasts, Radiolabs recently released a beautiful reading of one of Italo Calvino's stories from his book Cosmicomics. It is an amazing book, absolutely worth the read, and this soothing vocally luxurious rendition is worth a listen.
  • My Drunk Kitchen, aka, Hello Harto has been a favourite of mine for a while. She recently took her show on the road, which has been a lot of fun, but one of her latest videos, 'The Real Hello Harto' takes a look at the people, the fans and the good work that she's been doing on the way. A welcome reminder of the good things that people do just because.
  • Desert Island Discs featured Sir Mervyn King recently. I wasn't particularly keen on listening, but then I did. Surprising and rather insightful. It's on iPlayer and in the archive. Have a listen when you can.