Cowley Road Carnival Today I attended Cowley Road carnival. I was out in the sun with the music and the food and the drink for a good six hours. Fantastic. Unfortunately it leaves me a little lacking in loquaciousness now.

I will attempt to express something of note however. My friends had other plans. My family were nowhere nearby, so I attended said carnival on my own. In terms of embracing the 'year of yes' and getting your kicks where you can, this was of no concern and fell within my acceptable parameters.

That does not mean to say, though, that to have attended with someone or someones else would not have been better. It certainly would have been different (I might have danced a little more to say the least.) But it was also better than attending with peoples who did not want to be there, or who did not care to share in the revelry.

Thus I was not in the worst position, but nor was I in the easiest. It takes a lot of energy, confidence and power to step out of the house and just be yourself, continually with no interruption, interaction or distraction. Was it worth it today? Absolutely. Would I do it again? For sure.

Do I wonder if there is a lot more to unravel in assessing the situation of a modern, emancipated single woman who is no longer defined by traditional life-measuring milestones? You can count on it.