Nailed it

Enough time buddahNailed it. Little bit of a lack of writing going on because, you see, I keep thinking I have time. And it's not because I'm 'not' writing. And it's not that I'm so busy doing that I don't have time to write. How dull would that be?

No. The problem is I keep thinking that the time is all I need. But you also need a little distance. Some time to reflect and get a bit of objectivity to figure out just what it is you think about anything. And that I have not had.

Where was I?

New flat Wherever it was, it's not where I am now. I moved 9 days ago. This is what my new place looked like on Saturday the 16th. It doesn't look like that now, honestly. Of course moving would be one thing, but apparently I am not content with one thing.

Indeed, since it is still, for another six weeks or so, the year of yes (for me that is) I am still attending, travelling, doing and being. And I will admit it; a year of doing that is a little tiring.

Don't get me wrong, I've loved all the stuff. But as you can more than likely tell from my somewhat unedited, ramble-ous, belated post, by the end of the year it rather drains you of the ability to step back and consider it all.

This might be a good thing. That's kind of my point: I haven't really had time to think about it either way.

Still smiling

Luckily I am still smiling, even if it is through the hazy eyes of a dopey, sleep-deprived fog. There are yet more gigs, swanky London work events, visiting friends (yay!) and at least one fabulous Christmas shindig (actually it may fall into the realm of a hootenanny considering it features not only the Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, but also Count Skylarkin - look, listen).


My point is...

Ok, I'll be honest. This time I really don't know what my point is, except to say, I'm still considering what next year will be the year of, but I know I don't have the stamina for it to be yes again. Although it certainly won't be no, since saying yes is simply too much fun!

And while I've had plenty of ideas and experiences to inform a little mulling, contemplating, filtering and dissemination, it might just be a few weeks before I'm far away enough from it all to actually see it. And on that note I shall simply say: g'night.