Diverted resources

writing reviews

It's alright. I haven't fallen off the wagon six posts in. Rather, my writing resources just got a little diverted this week as I wrote two reviews for the Daily Info here in Oxford.

The first was a for a lovely, smile-inducing gig at The Bullingdon here in Oxford with the Drew Holcomb Duo. As I wrote in my review, he's like Nashville's answer to Jack Johnson and just leaves you feeling kind of warm and happy.

Goodness knows what's going on in this video, but it's one of my favourite tunes from the gig:

The second was for a group called Gypsy Fire down at the SJE. For you non-Oxford residents, the SJE is a large church that's been adapted with the help of underfloor heating into a classical and semi-classical music venue. They actually have some really interesting stuff there and it's a lovely space. Although sadly, as it turns out, it wasn't best suited to the theatrics of Gypsy Fire.

They are really great musicians though, and for that they deserve a little video too:

And well, since I seem to be on the topic, I'll leave you with another new discovery of the last week, which I would have seen live had I not dithered and dilly dallied until it had sold out. A sheffield duo by the name of Slow Club. They're really rather good: