Sighted and seen

Seeing the sights that I have seen, in the way that I have seen them.

I write to intrigue and engage, but what has engaged and intrigued me most of late has been what I have heard and seen. Above is a quick snap, momentary shot, whistle-stop tour of the last few weeks. Each event and occasion could be a blog post in itself, but here I aim to disseminate rather than dialogue and diarise.

On a random walk, on a blah Sunday, I stumbled across The Vaults. It was the first real day of spring sun, and I got to see the colours and the stone of Oxford warm up and breath a little sigh of relief. I came back through South Park.

On a little visit to a little pub called Far From the Madding Crowd (only in Oxford) some belly dancers wandered in and danced to the folk band that was set up and jamming away in the corner. As you do.

I finally got to see Fun. playing at the Hammersmith Apollo. No I am not living in London quite yet (do you know how much that costs?!) but I am visiting my beloved home-to-be more often and this particular night may just have classified as one of the best of my life.

Speaking of the great city, as you know I trundled around Shoreditch a couple of weeks ago, and wandered up towards Bank in the afternoon sun to meet up with an old friend in new times.

Next came May Day morning in my current city state. Oxford. This is one event which is deserving of more words, which it shall soon receive. It highlighted more than the streets of Oxford at dawn. And yes, that is a man as a tree. That happened too.

I have been on the hunt for cafes and coffee shops, as I am want to do and have found a few. Pictured here is Zappis Bike Cafe. A cafe in a bike shop as the name suggests, sadly often overcrowded, and a little cliquy but worth the perseverance for a window seat and a £1 caramel slice.

Walking home, South Park looked a little sunnier, and people were finally feeling happier in our richly deserved warmth.

I end, as you do, with Ex-Easter Island Head, playing guitars as drums at Digital is Dead #4 at Modern Art Oxford. This was way outside my comfort zone, but honestly, I had a smile on my face for their entire set. It was very clever and very fun, and best of all, very unexpected.